The poll of Internet users organized by the newspaper ’Day’

According to the poll of visitors of the newspaper ’Day’ web-site in the Internet, the answers to the question ’In which way would you like to pay for medical services?’ were distributed in the following way:

officially (medical insurance, paid services) – 77%;

non-officially (presents and ’envelopes’ to doctors) – 3%;

in no way, medicine must be free – 14%;

other ways – 6%;

no answer – 0%.

140 persons were questioned, among them 83% of males and 17% of females. The most participants have higher education (81%), the age of the respondents is from 20 to 30 (41%) and from 31 to 40 (27%).

According to the data of the Ministry of health protection, this year patients paid for the hospital nutrition and medical drugs about six billion hryvnas.

According to the budget-2000 the expenses equaled Hr 4.2 billion. Next year the increase of Hr 821 million is planned, while the real demand equals not less than Hr 12 billion.

In the situation when neither the state budget nor the local one are able to satisfy the medicine demands, the only promising decision can be the introduction of various kinds of medical insurance.

The Minister of health protection informed that the draft of such a law is under preparation, but, even if the Parliament adopts the draft in the nearest future, the implementation of the law will demand some time and Hr 300 millions. During this time it is necessary to prepare about 10 thousand of the needed specialists, and, what is the most important in our opinion, there is a need to conduct explanatory work among the population. Since, without the trust and interest of the public in the introduction of insurance medicine we can get another bureaucratic structure that will waste money and disregard the interests of citizens, who want to get adequate medical services.

By the materials of the newspaper ’Day’ , No. 214, 22 November 2000
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