"Revolution" is lasting

Bogdan Bondarenko, Students’ brotherhood of the Lugansk oblast
On 1 February 2002 the Voroshilovski district court of Donetsk acknowledged as illegal the dismissal of A. Yagoferov from the post of the Lugansk mayor. Besides, all the decisions taken by the town council on the day of the dismissal were also acknowledged to be null and void. The rumors about this flooded the town, thus raising the rating of Yagoferov, who is in charge of the oblast electoral headquarters of V. Yushchenko’s bloc „Our Ukraine“.

V. Pristiuk, the Secretary of the Lugansk town council, might appeal against the court decision and thus postpone its execution. Lugansk dwellers reckoned that Pristiuk would preserve his post till 31 March, then Yagoferov would be elected as an MP, and O. Danilov, who had the greatest rating, would become the mayor (he also had been a mayor, was dismissed and restored by court a decision, but then lost the election). Meanwhile a double of O. M. Danilov, O. E. Danilov, appeared. The second Danilov is a student of the local university. According to the Internet-poll, this man took away almost 30% of O. M. Danilov’s electorate, that is about 12% of the total number of voters. To compare: V. Pristiuk, who uses the administrative resource, has the rating not more than 10% voters.

The decision of the above-mentioned court taken on 1 March 2002 appeared to be a consequent news. According to this decision, Pristiuk is a deputy of the Lugansk town council, but not its secretary. All the decisions of the Lugansk town council signed by his were acknowledges as illegal.

On 4 March A. Yagoferov tried to fulfil the duties of the Lugansk mayor. The local authorities refused to obey the court decision. According to the Laws „On execution of court decisions“, the coercive execution of court decisions must be enforced by a state executor. As expected, the state execution service of the Leninski district of Lugansk refused to obey this law. The reason was obvious: the pressure of the oblast authorities on mere petty executors. And waht6 concerns Mr. Pristiuk, he hurried to go on a leave.

Meanwhile rumors spread around the town that Yagoferov would not have time to return to his post before the election, so certainly he would not be able to win the election. Yet, as a student of law, I think differently: all the decisions signed by V. Pristiuk were regarded by court as illegal. Correspondingly, the decision on creating the town election commission was also illegal, therefore any decisions of this commission were illegal too. Most probably, A. Yagoferov will disband the commission. The new commission will not have enough time to prepare the mayor’s election to be conducted simultaneously with the election to the Supreme Rada. So the election will be postponed. At the election the district commissions will be formed by district councils, where the Yagoferov’s position is very strong. This means that the chances for electing Yagoferov remain rather great.
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