Unemployment in the Ternopil oblast

Oleksandr Stepanenko, Chortkiv
Several days ago my colleague, also a member of the organization „ svit“ and a teacher of pedagogical college, phoned to me and told the tragic story about the desperate situation, into which her family got. Both her daughters, as well as their husbands, are jobless for a long time. All of them have the higher education. There are two infants in the family.

Really, in the small town, where almost all industrial enterprises are closed, the problem of finding a job is the main one for many people. According to the unofficial data, about a quarter of the town population are temporary working abroad. The local shady labor-market is formed, since the significant part of the employers conceal from the state agencies the information about free vacancies at their enterprises. As a result, one must give a considerable bribe to obtain the job of salesman, mailman, computer operator, hospital nurse, etc.

All in all, according to the information of the placement service, on 1 January 2003 there were 43,876 registered jobless in the Ternopil oblast. In spite of the overfulfillment of almost all items of „ program of employment of the population of the Ternopil oblast for 2002“, the level of unemployment is 7.8% higher that in the end of 2001. Women make about 57% of the total number of persons having the status of jobless, young people – 23.6%. The unemployment level in the Ternopil oblast is one of the highest in Ukraine. Last year this proportion was 13.9%, which was greater than the average Ukrainian one (9.8%) and less than in the Chernivtsy, Zhytomir and Transcarpathian regions. Owing to the structures of the oblast placement service 23,650 persons were provided with jobs during last year, 5 thousands were engaged for the public works, 975 persons got the one-time financial aid for organizing their business. The official results of the checks show that in 2002 enterprises presented the information only about 64.2% of the existing vacancies (in 2001 – 48%). We do not know whether the employers were punished for violating the laws on employment. The statistical data on the offences comitted by the jobless are not processed by anybody.

Last year 38 million UAH were spent from the budget for the social protection of the unemployed population of the oblast; this sum equals to the year budget of an average agrarian region. It is interesting that the greater part of these expenses, almost 35 million, were spent for paying doles. However, only 68.8% of the jobless got these money. Only 1.266 million was spent for professional reorientation. It is planned to increase this sum slightly next year.

The oblast council almost unanimously approved the next optimistic „ of employment“

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