The European Union established that the situation with human rights in Ukraine had not improved in 2002

The Council of Ministers of the European Union published in Brussels the annual report on human rights. Among all, the situation was analyzed in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other post-Soviet countries.

The report-2002 reads that the situation with human rights in Ukraine, Russia (including Chechnya), Turkey, Cyprus and in the Balkan countries have not become better, and in Belarus human rights were violated even more frequent than in 2001.

As to Ukraine the European Union very attentively observed the parliamentary election and welcomed the agreement of the Ukrainian government to cooperate with the observers from the OSCE at the election.

According to the information given by Deutsche Welle, the Union also believes that the Ukrainian judicial system becomes more and more independent and stabile. At the same time the report states that the European Union is still worried with the questions concerning the freedom of speech and the independence of mass media in Ukraine.

As for Belarus the European Union points out that this country must permit the OSCE representatives to work in Belarus without any restrictions.

The Union also states in the part concerning Chechnya that they are alarmed with the living conditions of refugees, with the situation in the migrants’ camp and the extremely slow investigations of the cases on the violations of laws.
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