The project “Training in self-rule” started to work in the Poltava oblast


The project “Training in self-rule” started to work in 20 districts of the Poltava oblast. The goal of the project is to attract the maximal number of the members of territorial communities to the participation in local self-rule.

During the year the trainers of the project, who have the significant experience of public activities and the work in the organs of local self-rule, will conduct the seminars and trainings in district centers of the oblast. They will teach the deputies of local councils, leaders of street and house committees, activists of public organizations. The project “Training in self-rule” was initiated by the Association of businessmen and enterprises of Mirgorod and the Poltava oblast fund “Miloserdie i zdorovye” (“Charity and health”). The project was one of the winners of the competition of grants in the framework of the project “The network of public activities in Ukraine” (UCAN) financed by the USA Agency of international development.

The aim of the project “Training in self-rule” is to spread the experience of Mirgorod territorial community in the sphere of protecting and lobbying the interests of the community. The project is open for new initiatives, so we invite for cooperation the representatives of all territorial communities of the Poltava oblast. The ideas and achievements in the improvement of the processes of local self-rule will be described in the manual “Self-rule in the Poltava oblast”, which will be published in 2004.

Besides, the project “Training in self-rule” is planned to be realized later in the Kharkov oblast.

The contact phone in Mirgorod: (05355) 5-27-76.

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