Protection of rights with the illegal methods.


In 2003 155 facts of bribery were disclosed by the workers of the Lugansk directorate for fighting the economic crimes. In this connection the special department was created, which will urgently react to the complaints about bribery and corruption.

According to the data of the Lugansk Center of public relations of the Ministry of Interior, the leadership in bribery belongs to the workers of state budget organizations (77 disclosed facts), workers of the organs of state power occupy the second place and the workers of educational establishments – the third place.

The total sum of the bribes was 288 thousand 739 hryvnas. 61 persons were brought to criminal responsibility.

The newly created special department of the DFEC will react to any appeals and complaints, including the anonymous ones, about the facts of bribery. So, they will not only protect the rights of citizens… but also violate these rights, since any person offended by his boss, competitor or a state official would be able now to complain to the special department. We want to point out that the Law of Ukraine “On citizens’ appeals” prohibits to react to the anonymous appeals.

Evhen Bayramov

«Politichna Ukraina»

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