Statistics of the attacks on the workers of mass media


During last year the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine received 132 messages about the incidents connected with the workers of mass media, 88 criminal cases were started on these incidents. Mikhail Kornienko, the first deputy of the State secretary of the Ministry of Interior, said at the sitting of the round table “The observance of human rights in Ukraine: international assessment” that 72% of the crimes against mass media workers were connected with the illegal encroachments on their property and 12% -- with hooliganism. Besides, M. Kornienko informed that militia finished the investigation of the premeditated crime of Vladimir Provorotskiy, an announcer of the Sumy oblast radio, committed last year. Three local inhabitants were detained, who organized the attack “with the aim to take the property of the victim”.

By the information of the UNIAN, M. Kornienko told that six journalists were murdered during the existence of the independent Ukrainian state, and “the majority of these crimes were disclosed”.

(«Fakty», No. 105, 13 June 2003)

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