A civil case was considered by court in absence of one of the sides and with other violations of the procedure

13.04.2004 |

Several years ago S., an inhabitant of Krasnodon, mounted the autonomous gas heating equipment in his flat. He informed the corresponding communal service that he had disconnected from the central heating system. The workers of this organization checked the fact of disconnection and compiled the act.

Three years later citizen S. received the notification from the State executive service, which read that, according to the decision of the Krasnodon town court, he had to pay 908 hryvnas to the communal enterprise «Directorate of communal boilers and heating networks of Krasnodon» for the use of thermal energy. S. was very surprised, since he believed that he had no debts, but determined to familiarize with the court decision, which was mentioned by the court executor. Yet, the decision surprised him even more. The court considered this case in his absence and without the proper notification. Moreover, he even did not get a copy of the decision for handing the appeal, in case of disagreement with the decision, to the court of higher instance (i.e. to the appeal court). Besides, the decision obliged S. to pay for the period, when his flat was disconnected from the central heating system at all.

4 February 2004

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