Privileges envisaged by laws must be granted


The situations are not rare, when communal services do not observe the norms of the legal acts, and citizens have to prove their rights, which are already stipulated on the state level.

Some dwellers of our district, whose sons perished during the army service, also got into such situation. These people have the right for privileges in payment for communal services, but, for some reasons, they cannot use these privileges.

We turned for explanations to Olga Timchenko, a deputy head of the Zmiyiv district directorate of labor and social protection of population. Ms. Timchenko told us the following:

-- According to item 6 of Article 12 of the Law of Ukraine «On social and legal protection of servicemen and their families», parents and other members of families of servicemen, who perished, died, disappeared or became invalids during the army service, get the 50% discount for the payments for dwelling (rent) and communal services (water supply, gas, electricity, heating, etc.) in the houses of all forms of property in the framework of the norms envisaged by the operating laws.

The directorates of labor and social protection of population deal only with the privileges given to veterans of was and labor, army veterans, veterans of law-enforcing organs, rehabilitated citizens, who became invalids as a result of repressions or are pensioners, and citizens, who suffered as a result of the Chernobyl catastrophe.

The operating laws do not assign the organ responsible for the privileges stipulated by the Law of Ukraine «On social and legal protection of servicemen and their families», but that does not mean that communal services may abuse the legal rights of this category of citizens. In case of violation of these rights citizens can turn to court with the complaint against the actions of the workers of communal services.

Recorded by Z. Serdiuk

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