Are violations involving disclosure of state secrets really so frequent?

Yevhen Zakharov, Kharkiv

A document under the title “On some results of the work of the Security Service of Ukraine during the first half-year of 2005”, which can be found at , reads: “One person was sentenced for high treason, criminal cases were instituted against three persons”. 56 cases were disclosed of involving of citizens of Ukraine into the cooperation with foreign special services and law-enforcing organs in the course of counterespionage work in the Armed Forces; 32 terrorist acts and emergency situations were prevented on the objects situated in the zone of responsibility of Ukrainian peacemaking contingents in other countries”.

Well, I do not believe in these 56 cases, since, if there would be something serious, criminal cases would be started and brought to court.

As to the state secrets: “The USS also executes the functions of a body of state power in the sphere of protection of state secrets. Since the beginning of the year the Service disclosed and prevented 665 violations of laws, court verdicts were issued regarding 960 persons. The access to state secrets was terminated for more than 100 persons. The number of posts with the access to state secrets was decreased for 25 thousand, which allowed to diminish the expenditures for secret activities for the total sum more than 30 million hryvnas”.

On the one hand, it seems that state secrets never were divulged so intensively. On the other hand, the number of people with the access to state secrets has been decreased, which is, undoubtedly, a positive change.

The following numbers also attract the attention.

“Since the beginning of the year, in the sphere of protection of state economics the state obtained more than 596 million hryvnas of profit in the form of confiscated property and valuables and in the form of fines; currency and material values for the sum 86.4 million hryvnas were returned from abroad.”

Let us compare these data with similar ones on 2004.

On state secrets. “Criminal activities were stopped of 6 Ukrainian citizens, who tried to pass to representatives of foreign states the data related to state secrets and confidential information owned by the state. The criminal cases have been instituted against these persons in compliance with Article 111 (“high treason”) and Article 330 (“passing or collection of information related to state secrets and confidential information owned by the state”) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine are now considered by courts.

Realization of illegal intentions of 10 citizens of Ukraine connected with passing abroad of the information related to state secrets was prevented. 45 Ukrainian citizens and 3 foreigners involved in cooperation by special services and law-enforcing organs of foreign states obtained, in accordance with Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On counterespionage activities”, the official warning from the Ukrainian Security Service about inadmissibility  of the illegal actions.”

There the information is more concrete. Yet, where these 6 criminal cases have disappeared? Maybe they are still considered by courts?

On returning of funds. “As a result of law-applying activities of the Department of counterespionage protection of state economics, the Security Service of Ukraine returned to the state budget abut 115 million hryvnas, material values for the sum greater than 300 million hryvnas were returned to the ownership of the state, currency and material values for the total sum about 110 million hryvnas, which were located abroad illegally, were returned to Ukraine.”

Well, it is a strange fact: 960 persons were sentenced during 6 months for violation of laws on state secrets. Very strange…

Most probably, the mentioned court decisions concerned the administrative offences after Article 212-2 “On state secrets” of the Administrative Code of Ukraine, but why this number is so large?



13 thousand were given in Sumy for victor of Yanukovich


The prosecutor’s office of the Trostianets district of the Sumy region has completed the investigation of the criminal case against the head of the joint-stock company “Spartak”, who is accused of brutal violation of election laws.

“Interfax-Ukraine”, referring to the press secretary of Sumy regional prosecutor Oleksiy Derevyanko, communicates that the head of the company is accused of bribe-taking, committed repeatedly, and impediment to realization of the election right.

These articles envisage the punishment from 2 to 5 years of incarceration. The criminal case with the accusation materials has been directed to the Trostianets district court.

We have got the information that before the first tour of the election of the President of Ukraine the head of the company obtained a package with money from some person near the building of the regional state administration; he had to give this money as remuneration to representatives of district election stations for the successful conduction of the election in favor of Yanukovich.

“He paid the illegal remuneration to seventeen heads of district election commissions for the total sum of 13.1 thousand hryvnas”, is pointed out in the message.

Besides, according to the words of the press secretary, before the first tour the head of the company gave bribe to the heads of nine district stations for the total sum of more than 5 thousand hryvnas, and before the conduction of the run-off election he gave to the head of a democratic of the district state administration two off-list tickets without the names of voters for voting in favor of Viktor Yanukovich.


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