In Memoriam: Yuri Murashov


On 1 September 2005, our friend and colleague, Yuri Murashov, Chairperson of the Ukrainian Committee “Helsinki-90”, of the all-Ukrainian Society of Political Prisoners and Victims of Repression, and Deputy of the Podilsk District Council, was tragically killed in an accident.

Yury Murashov was a teacher of English in school, while at the same time being involved in a huge amount of civic work. Back in the years of struggle for Independence, Yury Murashov was always at the centre of events. Not a single mass event took place in the capital in which he did not take an extremely active role. He was always in political organizations with a national democratic philosophy: he was a member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union, of the Ukrainian Republican Party, the Chairperson of the Kyiv organization of the Ukrainian Conservative Republican Party (UCRP). The leader of the UCRP, Stepan Khmara, spoke of Yuri Murashov, his first deputy leader, as “a friend, brother and comrade-in-arms”.

Yury’s humanity, his kindness and readiness to help those in need, won the deep respect of all those who knew him. He took an active part in the defence of victims of unjust persecution in spite of threats from the Kuchma regime.

Our sincere sympathy goes out to Yury’s wife Marya, his daughter Bogdana, son Igor and all relatives and friends. We have lost a wonderful man, an outstanding human rights activist and teacher.

Rest in Peace, Yury. Your memory will remain with us all.

The Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group

The human rights community of Ukraine have been devastated by the death on 1 September 2005 of the well-known civic and human rights activist, Yury Murashov, the Chairperson of the Ukrainian Committee “Helsinki-90” and of the All-Ukrainian Society of Political Prisoners and Victims of Repression. We have lost a man who achieved an enormous amount, not only for the human rights movement in Ukraine, but also for the building of democracy in our country. All of us who experienced his kindness felt drawn to his commitment and spiritual warmth, his passionate involvement and desire to protect the rights of all those who turned to him for help. He always provided a source of knowledge and experience which he was ever happy to share with his friends and colleagues.

Our thoughts are with Pan Yury’s wife, daughter and son, his relatives and close friends. There are no words able to comfort them at this time. Your loss cannot be expressed in words.
May he rest in peace.
The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union ***

From Father Sergiy Tkachuk
Dear Friends, I am a Priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kyiv Patriarchate) and the son of Vasyl Tkachuk, a member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union who died in 1995. On 2 September 2005 it fell to me to hold the funeral service of Pan Yuri, with whom I was always on good terms. The Deceased was the elder of the community of St. Tarasiy at Podol in Kyiv and was to have helped build the Chapel of St. Tarasiy on Priorka street. Those who would like to see the photos from Yuri’s funeral can find them on our site:
With grief in my heart, Father Sergiy

To our Friends in grief!
Yury Murashov has died. Harsh news. I bow my head in profound respect before a man of his stature.

In the middle of the 90s I had the opportunity to meet often with him in connection with the Democration Association “Ukraina”. Contact with such people gave us strength and the will to stand up for the Truth.

We pray to God for the soul of this deeply religious man who lived on this earth with such dignity and honour.
Mykola Korobko

On 1 September our colleague, Yury Murashov, died tragically in Kyiv. From 1990 our human rights organization had close cooperation and shared legal cases in Ukraine where Yury Murashov defended human rights and freedoms.
Our deepest sympathy to the family of Yury Murashov
Eternal Memory.
The President of the Ruthenia Human Rights Fund, Alla Korystovskyaya, Vice-President, Nikolai Rozovaikin

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