Indebtedness against wages in the Ternopil region stands at 20.4 million UH


In fact, according to the press service of the Ternopil Regional Administration the amount of money owed decreased in the first quarter by 2 million UH, or 8.9%

Monitoring showed that the decrease was attributable to a reduction in debt at economically inactive businesses last month of 2.7 million UH and at active businesses – of 380 thousand UH. However at businesses declared bankrupt the debt had risen by 400 thousand UH since the beginning of the year, this constituting an increase of 20.3%

This means that for the region the overall debt at 1 April 2007 stood at 20.4 million UH, this including 2.9 million UH at economically active business, 11.5 million – at those which are economically inactive, and 6 million UH – at businesses gone bankrupt.

10.3 million UH are effectively hopeless debts to employees at remaining agricultural enterprises.

It should be noted that the regional timetable for repayment of wages owed is carried out with an advance The fact that in 5 regions there is no timetable for repayment of wages owed puts the instruction of from the Prime Minister regarding full repayment by 1 July this year in question.

The lowest level of pay in the Zalishchynsky district is 610 UH, or 77.8% of the average for the region.

The problem of indebtedness against wages owed, often by State enterprises, remains acute throughout Ukraine.  The above figures are for an extremely poor area where there are a large number of people seeking work abroad.

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