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Course in civic education to be taught in schools

04.02.2008 |

The new course on civic education has been drawn up by international specialists as part of a European Union project. The course is aimed at making young people aware of the principles of democratic society.

It will run in the eleventh and twelfth (final) grades in general schools and technical colleges. As part of the courses which have long been run in the United Kingdom, Germany and Poland, students will learn about European democratic values. The head of the project for Ukraine Andriy Tarnovsky explains: “The main method is not to provide information from the traditional standpoint “You have to and that’s it”. We focus on the need for students to make their own choice. The course is based on all those democratic values which a normal democracy should be governed by”. 

The course has already been tried out in the Kherson, Volyn and Vinnytsa regions, as well as in Kyiv. Two manuals have been written for teachers. These are provided free of charge to schools and teacher training colleges.

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