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UNICEF to study child poverty in Ukraine

22.02.2008 |

Experts from the UN Children’s Fund are planning to study the social aspects of this problem and prepare recommendations on how to overcome it. This is set out in the Action Plan signed on 21 February by UNICEF and the Ukrainian Ministry for the Family, Youth and Sport.

This year Ukraine is due to submit its official report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child on how it is protecting the rights of its youngest people.  According to Jeremy Hartly, Director of the Fund for Ukraine, UNICEF is prepared to provide comprehensive help in preparing the report, but on condition that it will reflect the real problems which Ukrainian children face. This is first and foremost the lack of equal access to good medical services, an excessively complicated system of adoption, as well as shortcomings in the system for bringing up children deprived of parental care. Mr Hartly stresses: “The governmental document passed on children is very important for resolving these issues. It should become strategic for Ukraine”.  The parties also agreed to jointly resolve problems for children with HIV or suffering from AIDS in foster families and to step up cooperation in developing plans for combating iodine deficiency among children.

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