The right to education and of freedom of movement violated in Crimean villages

28.05.2008 |

The Crimean Prosecutor is demanding that the government of the autonomous republic take urgent measures to safeguard the rights of residents of the Crimea to education, medical care and freedom of movement.

The Prosecutor’s press service stated that monitoring had been carried out which had identified the populated areas without chemists, shops, communications points, and educational institutions..

The Prosecutor’s information suggests that 563 populated areas in the Crimea do not have educational institutions; 484 are without units for providing communications services; 295 do not have medical care institutions, and 187 do not have shops. 142 are not provided with public transport connections, and 135 don’t have centralized water supplies.

The Prosecutor Vladimir Boiko points out in the letter sent to the Speaker of the Crimean Parliament that for the last three years no programmes for socio-economic development of rural areas of the Crimea have been prepared. The checks showed that district administrations are not taking effective measures to provide the missing services.

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