European Parliament disillusioned with Ukraine

07.02.2011 |

On Friday 4 February 2010 Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament, stated that the EU is no longer counting on Ukraine in the East European region. “Ukraine was the best student in the class in the region two years ago. This is now not the case. I am disturbed by the deterioration in the situation as regards freedom of speech and press freedom”, he said at a press conference on Gathering a wide Europe after the Lisbon Conference. He also stated that he was “concerned by the tendency observed to use the Criminal Code in order to intimidate opposition politicians”.  In his view this raises questions regarding the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law”. He expressed the hope that such steps would not change the situation irrevocably and that Ukraine would again move in the right direction. He said that the EU’s hope in the region was now Moldova.

Ukraine’s Representative at the EU, Konstantin Yeliseyev believes that Jerzy Buzek’s statements were influenced by emotion. “In his address, the President of the European Parliament conveyed some emotional signals regarding the situation in Ukraine. I would not like to see my country’s European integration hostage to emotions”,

He called for conclusions to be made on the basis of facts and deeds, saying that Ukraine a year ago and now two entirely different countries. “The main difference between the present and previous regimes is that today we are able to not only declare our aims, but to support them with specific actions.

Ludmila Lolhopolova

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