Court closes site fighting traffic police lawlessness

15.02.2012 |

A court in Kyiv on Tuesday has allowed an application to temporarily stop providing hosting for the website Dorozhny Kontrol - - until a final ruling is issued.

The company - the registrar of domain names stated on their blog that the Desnyansky District Court in Kyiv had issued a ruling suspending provision of hosting services to the Dorozhny Control website ((, , whose authors have been involved in defending the rights of drivers and also posted photos and videos of cases where the law has been broken.

The ruling was taken in connection with a civil suit by H. Hetmantsev, Inspector of the Cobra Traffic Police against the owner of Roadcontrol, N. Shaposhnykov. The claimant asserts that the site contains “untruthful information defaming his honour and business reputation”. 

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