Ukrainians owed almost a billion UAH in wage arrears

28.08.2012 |

Wage arrears in Ukraine increased in July by 2.5% as against June, amounting to 986 million UAH.  According to the State Statistical Administration, since the beginning of 2012 the rate has not changed, while it states that over the last year it decreased by 15.8%.

The increase in wage arrears in July was reported in 10 oblasts, as well as Kyiv and Sevastopol, whereas there was a decreased in 14 oblasts and the Crimea.

The highest level of wage arrears (more than 100 million UAH) was seen in the Donetsk region.  The figures seem rather strange however.  The amount had fallen by 0.1% in July; by 10.5% since the beginning of the year; while over the last year since July 2011 it has apparently fallen by 22.1%

Both Kyiv and Kharkiv saw major increases this year 16.2% and 27 %, respectively) while apparently having fallen by 18.4% and 22.1% respectively since July 2011.

UNIAN states that in 2010 wage arrears fell by 17.3% and at 1 January 2011 was 1, 218 billion UAH.

From a report at UNIAN

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