ECHR finds Ukraine breached the right to life over Maidan killing and multiple other violations

Almost exactly seven years after the first deaths of Euromaidan activists, including the abduction and savage killing of Yury Verbytsky, the European Court of Human Rights has issued damning judgements

Crimean Tatar political prisoner ‘retried’ until Russia’s FSB got the sentence they wanted

Even a Russian court balked at handing down the monstrous sentence demanded, but the FSB were having none of it and organized remakes of Ruslan Zeytullaev’s ‘trial’ until they got the sentence needed for their paperwork.

Russian proxy Donetsk ‘republic’ moves to plunder Ukrainians who don"t take its ‘citizenship’

The self-proclaimed and Russian-controlled ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ [DPR] is planning measures to force Ukrainians to obtain ‘passports’ for an entity which is not recognized even by Russia

Zelensky gives top post to official involved in storming of Maidan

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has made yet another baffling appointmentv, this time naming Oleksandr Kuksa head of a department within the Security Service

Russia sentences mathematician to six years for refusing to plead guilty

Russia’s persecution of Azat Miftakhov iis almost certainly linked with his anarchist views, however the 6-year sentence handed down on 18 January also looks like punishment for refusing to admit to something he did not do

Russia indoctrinates children to want ‘to defend’ occupied Crimea against Ukraine

If Russia’s frightening militarization of childhood at home is aimed at getting young people to love and want to ‘defend’ their country, in occupied Crimea, Russia also wants children to hate Ukraine

Two-year sentence on ‘defamation’ charges for writing about Russian occupiers of Crimea

One of a barrage of repressive laws with implications for occupied Crimea is one steeply increasing punishment for something loosely termed ‘defamation’

“Now and then the flame dies down, but solidarity is a stream of sparks”

Moving interview with Ilya Shakursky, an antifascist political prisoner serving a huge sentence in Russia on charges of involvement in ta fictitious ‘Network’

Crucial victory for Ukraine in ECHR case against Russia over Crimea

It took frustratingly long to get there, but the European Court of Human Rights has effectively determined that Russia is an occupying state and has paved the way for multiple judgements over its violations of human rights in occupied Crimea

Why would Russian Wikipedia censor information on the Donetsk Izolyatsia secret prison?

Russian Wikipedia is proposing to delete its entry on the ‘Izolyatsia’ secret prison in Donetsk, with the reasons cited including problems with neutrality and, most incredibly, lack of importance


Application practice of Article 109 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine

It can be concluded that the courts corrected the total cruelty of SBU shown during the pre-trial investigation. In general, the case law was humane, if one is to be certain that the defendants sentenced to probation were not used forcibly for the exchange, meaning that the release was not caused by that very need.

Application practice of Article 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine

Given the case law it could be said that the statements about the mass political persecutions of the supporters of federalization, division of Ukraine and self-proclaimed “people’s republics” are groundless, although in some individual cases the criminal prosecution can be reasonably called a political one.

2020: There was no worse year in the realm of human rights after the Revolution of Dignity

I came to such regrettable conclusion analyzing the course of events of the year that has just passed. In my opinion, starting with 2015, the situation with human rights worsened year after year. It was the main reason (not yet realized!) for the devastating defeat of the ruling political forces in 2019. However, it turned out for worse – due to the winners" complete lack of understanding of the need to observe and respect human rights.

Bandera. An Invitation to a Calmer Conversation

At the moment Bandera is probably the most recognizable name in Ukrainian history. You would be hard-pressed to find a better illustration of the gap between history and myth.

Investigation of individual terrorist crimes

In 2013 there were only 4 criminal cases in the SSU proceedings concerning the terrorist acts. In 2014-2019 the investigators from SSU most often used Article 258 of the CC of Ukraine (terrorist act) and Article 258-3 of the CC of Ukraine (the creation of a terrorist group or a terrorist organization) for qualification of terrorist crimes.

A brief description of the KHPG strategic litigations in July–December 2020

Is COVID-19 present in penitentiaries and pre-trial detention centers?

A review of the measures against the spread of COVID-19 in the penitentiary system of Ukraine.

National monitoring of unlawful violence in police in Ukraine in 2020. Summary

KhPG jointly with the KhISR carried on a research in order to provide a comparative analysis of opinions of ordinary citizens and police officers on the scale of spread of unlawful violence in police activity.

Ukraine’s religious freedom crushed in Russian proxy Donbas ‘republics’

Together with its invasion and annexation of Crimea and aggression in eastern Ukraine, Russia brought devastation to the religious pluralism and freedom that Ukrainians had enjoyed since 1991

The practice of application of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine

Article 111 punishes for an especially serious crime of the state treason. Judicial practice has shown that the transfer of information to a foreign country or organisation was also interpreted as assistance in subversive activities against Ukraine in the cases when the information did not contain a state secret.