Human Rights in Ukraine

09.12.2001 | S. Bobok, Kharkiv

Ukrainian authorities systematically abuse rights and freedoms of citizens


Ukrainian authorities massively and systematically abuse rights and freedoms of citizens of Ukraine, Nina Karpacheva, the ombudsperson of Ukraine declared at the press conference. Nina Karpacheva considers that the authorities abuse human rights by delaying payments of salaries and pensions, which sometimes results in public suicides. According to the ombudsperson, political rights of Ukrainian citizens are abused too. Nina Karpacheva expressed the hope that the Ukrainian Parliament will hear the monitoring report of the ombudsperson on observing rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens.

She said that by the present time the Constitutional Court of Ukraine received three Constitutional propositions of the ombudsperson. One of them concerns the protection of orphans. She added that her office prepares one more Constitutional proposition on the Constitutional acts of the government of Ukraine with respect to the money deposits to the Savings Bank of the USSR. These Constitutional propositions concern the protection of rights of a large number of citizens. According to Nina Karpacheva, during 1999 she directed 84 propositions on the abuse of rights and freedoms; during eight months of 1998 she directed 44 propositions to various organs of power.

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