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TB is spreading in the Lugansk oblast.


According to the message of ’Lugansk-press-inform’ agency, which refers to the Lugansk oblast center of health, 20 million people in the worlds are sick with TB, eight thousand of them dying annually.

In the Lugansk oblast 1756 patients were found to have TB for the first time in 2000 (this is 13% more than in the previous year).

In the first quarter of 2001 the number of TB cases grew by 32.3% compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

In this respect the worst places appeared to the town of Brianka, where the growth was by 2.4 times, as well as Kirovsk (by 83.3%), Stakhanov (67.3%) and Rovenki (44.5%). As to various districts of the Lugansk oblast, the most dangerous districts are Stanichno-Luganskiy (2.3 times), Kremenskoy (3.8 times) and Lutuginskiy (2 times). The open form of TB is widely spread in Brianka, Stakhanic, Alchevsk, Lisichansk, as well as in Stanichno-Luganskiy, Kremenskoy and Perevalskiy districts.

Destructive forms of TB among those, who were newly registered, make 40.2%, 9% of them in the advanced form. The mortality rate has grown by 10.4% (260 people died).

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