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Ukraine’s gender equality rating falls


In the Global Gender Gap Report 2007 Ukraine has fallen to 57th place from 48th last year.  The report was made public at the World Economic Forum which also considered countries competitiveness rankings using other factors. 

The Nordic States were in highest position in a number of areas.

In terms of gender equality, Moldova had the highest ranking (21), then Belarus (23), Kazakhstan (32), Uzbekistan (41) and Russian (45).

The rating is based on assessments of four main criteria: economic participation and opportunities (level of pay and employment, access to top positions); educational attainment; political empowerment and health and survival sub-index. .

Ukraine was in 26th place for economic participation and opportunities; 73rd for educational attainment; 74th on the health and survival sub-index, and in a pathetic 109th place (out of 128 countries) for political empowerment.

Those able to understand economic graphs and tables can find more information about this at:
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