Human Rights in Ukraine

Children’s rights

Children’s Ombudsperson vital


Following the recommendation made by the Committee on the Family and Youth Policy, Sport and Tourism that parliament reject the draft law “On an Ombudsperson for Children”., Deutsche Welle asked Co-Chair of KHPG Yevhen Zakharov for his view.

He pointed out that many countries have several personal human rights institutions, including specialized Ombudspersons for the Rights of the Child, military servicemen, minority rights, freedom of information and personal data protection. He believes that if Ukraine is to seriously speak of a European choice, then it should also have these institutions.  He sees the solution in the creation of special departments within the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsperson and the necessary amendments to the law on the Ombudsperson. Back in 2002 the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child recommended that Ukraine establish the institution of Ombudsperson for Children or a special section on the rights of the chid which would react to complaints and appeals from children.

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