Human Rights in Ukraine


Freedom “Under PRESSure”


The opening took place on 24 January 2011 of a photo exhibition entitled “Under PRESSure” reflecting the response of Ukrainian journalists to encroachments on freedom of speech and censorship via art media.  The concept emerged six months ago during a meeting between participants in the civic movement “Stop Censorship!”, civic activists and artists.

It is first and foremost members of the media who feel the danger of censorship most acutely. The majority of journalists see the situation with regard to freedom of speech and access to information as unsatisfactory, yet for defence of these to succeed, public support is needed. The aim, therefore, of the photo exhibition is to draw the public’s attention to infringements of freedom of speech as one of the foundations of democracy. 

The exhibition is made up of 21 photos of journalists with quotes regarding the threat of censorship, importance of freedom of speech and access to information.  The list of participants includes a large number of the most prominent journalists in the country.

At the opening ceremony “Stop Censorship!” and the civic movement New Citizen called on colleagues to support a statement from the Belarusian Association of Journalists regarding mass violations of journalists’ rights demanding the release of those held in custody, an end to harassment, persecution and intimidation of their Belarusian colleagues (cf., in English here)

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