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Are Kharkiv students being forced to join the Party of the Regions?


The Kharkiv-based Internet publication Glavnoye reports allegations made by a student from the Kharkiv National Teacher Training Institute that students from her institute are being forced to join the Party of the Regions.  She asserts that the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature, Vladimir Borisov is circulated application forms among the students, and that those who don’t join the party can expect problems at the exams.

Vladimir Borisov was asked for his comments. He said: “students of the teacher training college are indeed given information about the Party of the Regions and its youth wing. There are also application forms for joining the Party of the Regions. However there is no question of this being obligatory.”

He added that “in the institute members of different parties study or work. If their civic or party work does not get in the way of the learning process, then we see no problem with this”.

He also suggested that perhaps the student had problems with her studies and was using the issue to resolve her academic problems.

Asked if he did not find it strange that in an academic institution, among future teachers political party work was being carried out, Borisov said that that was “not within his competence”.

Glavnoye promises to get in contact with the Dean, Ivan Prokopenko in the near future and ask for his views on the situation.

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