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Ukrainians believe that Mafia, swindlers and political intriguers rule



The present times are described by 48% of respondents in a recent survey as “a time of criminals and swindlers”; “of political intriguers” [politikan – derogatory term); and 40% “of beggars”. The survey has been carried out over many years by the Institute of Sociology around the anniversary of Ukraine’s independence.  The assessment was shared by residents of all regions of the country.

Only a small percentage of those surveyed saw the time as being one marked by moral authorities (1%); talent (7.5%) or professionals (7%).

According to the survey the leading role in Ukrainian society was seen as being played by the Mafia and criminal world – 40%; entrepreneurs and businesspeople – 37%; leaders of political parties – 31%; officialdom – 30%

In comparison with 1994 there has been a fall in the recognition by the public of the role of workers – from 23 to 15%;  people living and working on the land – from 21 to 10%; intelligentsia – from 16 to 10%; heads of State enterprises (from 16 to 11%) and agricultural enterprises from 11 to 5%.

At the same time the role of entrepreneurs and businesspeople is seen as having risen from 24 to 37%; of leaders of political parties – from 24 to 31%; and of the mafia and criminal world from 34 to 40%.

The survey was carried out in April 2011 with a representative selection of 1, 200 people surveyed.

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