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The 51st session of the subcommission of protection of human rights


This subcommission of the UNO Commission of human rights held its 51 stsession in Geneva from 2 to 27 August. The agenda included a number of actual problems, in particular:

violation of human rights and freedoms, including racial discrimination and segregation;

rights of season workers and their families;


realization of economic and cultural rights;

realization of women. s rights;

abolishing of slavery;

rights of indigenous peoples;

prevention of discrimination and protection of minorities;

court justice and human rights.

The mentioned subcommission is the main working organ of the UNO Commission of human rights. The subcommission was created at the 1 stsession of the Commission in 1947. The competence of the subcommission covers investigations on the fulfilling of the Universal Declaration of human rights, as well as the preparation of recommendations in the sphere of prevention of any kinds of discrimination, guaranteeing fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, the protection of minorities. The subcommission consists of 26 hand-picked experts representing Africa (7 persons), Asia (5 persons), Latin America (5 persons), Europe (6 persons).

Session-99 was carried out at the times when many problems and conflicts in the sphere of human rights in several large regions of the world makes its work and decisions quite actual.

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