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Russia’s ‘persuasion’ of Ukrainian hostage: Mock executions, torture & five years of solitary confinement

Russia treats imprisoned Crimean Tatar activists like victims of the 1944 Deportation

Russia tells ECHR that it didn’t annex Crimea & accuses Ukraine & West of ‘fake evidence”

Russian soldier & two paramilitaries charged with savage murder of Hero of Ukraine Reshat Ametov

Russia’s medical torture of Ukrainian political prisoners continues unabated

Russia’s destruction of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Crimea hits unexpected hurdle

No ‘normalization’ while Russia is still holding at least 87 Crimean Tatar and other Ukrainian political prisoners

Russia sentences activist who defended Ukraine and Kremlin hostages to 4 years for peaceful protest

Russia uses primitive fake to imprison Crimean Tatar human rights activist Emir-Usein Kuku

Children in occupied Crimea and Russia fed lies about the war in Donbas and anti-Ukrainian propaganda

Crimean Tatar sentenced to 10 years for fictitious involvement in a legal Ukrainian organization

Gravely ill Crimean Tatar activist released after 258 days of cruel torture

Armed FSB plant ‘prohibited books’ to arrest Crimean Tatar activists and terrorize their children

No ‘G8’ until Russia ends its occupation of Crimea & frees all Ukrainian hostages

Savagely tortured to death for the Ukrainian flag in Russian-occupied Crimea and Donbas

Russian abduction and torture nightmare ends for Ukrainian political prisoner

6-year sentence in Russian-occupied Crimea for civic activism and a social media post

Ukraine may extradite Kyrgyz man facing the same flawed charges as Russia’s Ukrainian political prisoners

By renewing water supplies to Crimea, Ukraine would make Russia’s illegal occupation permanent

Russian defender of Kremlin’s Ukrainian hostages arrested on notorious anti-protest criminal charges

Russia reverts to Stalin-era ‘confessions’ and insane charges in occupied Crimea

Crimean Tatars sentenced to 12 and 17 years on ‘terrorist charges’ without being accused of a crime

Russia releases Ukrainian abducted & tortured for a ‘confession’ discrediting Crimean Tatar leaders

Russia issues ‘international’ arrest warrant against Crimean Tatar TV ATR journalist

Crimean Tatar political prisoner prefers imminent death from hunger strike to the slow torture Russia proposes

10 minutes per ‘trial’ in Russia’s conveyor belt of repression against Crimean Tatars

Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in occupied Crimea plundered and destroyed

Russian human rights and LGBT activist savagely murdered after death threats

Gravely ill Crimean Tatar political prisoner in acute pain and unable to stand

FSB confirm that Crimean Tatar civic journalist was arrested for reporting on political trials in Russian-occupied Crimea

Ukrainian sentenced for an ‘anti-Russian’ Facebook post describes atmosphere of fear in occupied Crimea

Russia prosecutes for mentioning the Mejlis, but not for hate speech against Crimean Tatars

Russia calls OSCE order to free 24 Ukrainian POWs ‘anti-Russian rhetoric’

Mass arrests as Russian ‘court’ confirms horrific sentences against 4 Crimean Tatar political prisoners

Bitter déjà vu: Crimean Tatars arrested on Red Square for defending victims of repression

Help stop Russia from killing Crimean Tatar political prisoner Edem Bekirov!

Crimean Tatar detained for innocuous social media post from before Russia annexed Crimea

Russia ordered to pay Ukrainian journalist forced to flee Crimea huge damages

Russia seizes main Cathedral and centre of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in occupied Crimea

Russian occupiers warn against using an‘extremist symbol’ on Crimean Tatar Flag Day

Council of Europe’s PACE on the brink of electing sanctioned Russian Crimea land grab propagandist as Vice President

Ukrainian jailed for protest over monument to Russian invaders of Crimea

A High Human Rights Price if the Council of Europe capitulates to Russia

Five Crimean Tatars sentenced to 68 years for peacefully practising their faith in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russia refuses to comply with ECHR order to hospitalize Ukrainian political prisoner

Russian-occupied Crimea is ‘Not Free’ & rates close to North Korea in Freedom House report

Imprisoned journalists in occupied Crimea and Russia that Ivan Golunov’s defenders never noticed

Council of Europe’s reinstated Russian delegation would likely include illegal ‘deputies’ from occupied Crimea

Openly illegal prosecution for a Facebook repost of another Crimean Tatar woman activist

Ukrainian turncoat behind persecution of Crimean Tatar rights activist told by prosecutor what he ‘can’t remember’

Nearly one third of Russians would like Russia to annex Ukrainian Donbas

Russia arrests & terrorizes entire Crimean Tatar families a day after denying persecution at International Court

“Will they arrest children next?” Gravely ill political prisoner speaks out for other victims; Amnesty International for him

Russia sentences Ukrainian seized in Crimea to 10.5 years for ‘spying’ on the FSB

Russia comes for Jehovah’s Witnesses in occupied Crimea

How many victims needed for Ukraine to finally prosecute for war crimes?

Crimean Tatar sentenced to 4 years in Russia’s new attack on legal Ukrainian organization

Council of Europe looks set to cave in to Russian blackmail

Open appeal from Ukrainian human rights organizations to the PACE Committee on Rules of Procedure

Russia detains & prosecutes Crimean Solidarity rights activist for being tagged on Facebook

Two Crimean Solidarity women activists detained in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russia uses wholesale arrests to try to crush Crimean Tatar human rights movement

Russia offers dangerously ill Crimean Tatar political prisoner his life for a ‘confession’

Secret ‘spying’ trial in Russian-occupied Crimea based solely on a televised ‘confession’

The state-sponsored abductions that Russia brought to Crimea. Where is Ervin Ibragimov?

Russia confirms return to Soviet persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses, including in occupied Crimea & Donbas

Death no obstacle to Russia’s brutal persecution of Crimean Tatars

Yanukovych ally suspected of helping Russia annex Crimea seeks ‘treason’ charges against Poroshenko

Savage torture and 5 years of a 22 year sentence in Russia for being Ukrainian

Russia uses threats & intimidation to drive Crimean Tatar language out of schools in occupied Crimea

Bitter 75th Anniversary of the Crimean Tatar Deportation as Russian persecution mounts in occupied Crimea

Tortured Crimean Tatar jailed for over 10 years without a crime

Civic journalist Osman Arifmemetov imprisoned in Russia for reporting repression in occupied Crimea

Ukrainian MPs seem ready to abandon Kremlin hostages

Russia denies that political prisoner Balukh has Ukrainian citizenship after jailing him for not betraying Ukraine

Russia claims torture used to imprison Sentsov is none of the European Court’s business

Monument to Crimean Tatar WWII heroes which debunked Russia’s lies destroyed in occupied Crimea

Preschool soldiers and children with rifles in occupied Crimea and Russia

Armed raids for statistics and terror in Russian-occupied Crimea

Disabled and gravely ill Crimean Tatar political prisoner denied medication

Russia flouts its own law to increase Crimean political prisoner Balukh’s prison sentence for the Ukrainian flag

168 child victims of Russia’s mounting repression in occupied Crimea

Russia sentences Crimean activist to six years for social media posts

Ukrainian Orthodox Church congregation refused registration in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russia uses farcical criminal charges against Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev to keep him out of Crimea

Bus driver from Vinnytsa imprisoned in Russia because he’s Ukrainian

President-Elect Zelensky and Multiple Questions Still Unanswered

Court in Crimea confirms Russia had no reason to arrest – and kill - 83-year-old Crimean Tatar veteran Vedzhie Kashka

Persecution in occupied Crimea that Russia will use 20-year sentences against journalists to hide

Crimean Tatar Imam arrested on charges of ‘calls to extremism’ in Russian-occupied Crimea

Effective torture of Crimean Tatar & other Ukrainian political prisoners in Russian detention

Donbas ‘separatism’: Myth, statistics and heavily armed Russian spetsnaz

New Russian law could cut Crimea off from Ukrainian and global Internet

Russia uses ‘terrorism’ charges to silence civic journalists in occupied Crimea

Russia to seek ‘compensation’ from Ukraine as poverty hits dramatic level

Ukraine needs real debates between Poroshenko and Zelenskiy – candidates are not “colouring books”

Convictions demanded in Russia’s most cynical and tragic attack on elderly Crimean Tatars

Russian-controlled ‘Donetsk republic’ creates ‘children’s army’ to instill ‘correct views’

Crimean Tatar political prisoner’s mother detained as elderly parents come out in silent defence of their arrested sons

Russia plans ‘rehabilitation centre ’ for dissidents in occupied Crimea


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