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Dramatic Acquittals in Trial over Odesa 2 May 2014 Riots

Blistering Criticism & Stark Warning 2 Years after Odesa 2 May Tragedy

Two Years Later, Kremlin’s Lethal Lies about Odesa Fire Still Motivate Donbas Recruits

Sabotage or Corruption? Crucial suspect in Odesa May 2 tragedy allowed to escape

Ukraine’s Prosecutor General shelves vital Odesa 2 May investigation

Well-known Russian actor fights for right to stay in Ukraine

Un réalisateur français met en forme le message de Poutine sur les « hordes fascistes » pour le public français

‘Clear Signs of Sabotage’ in Odesa 2 May Investigation

"US guilty of genocide": Kremlin supports anti-Maidan festival with links to the German far right

Why are Ukraine’s leaders abetting Russian ‘Odesa Massacre’ lies?

Prosecutor suspected of involvement in Odesa May 2 tragedy

Ukrainian authorities slated over Odesa May 2 investigation

Odesa 2 May Suspect: We were financed by Moscow

Vital Probe of Odesa May 2 Tragedy stymied because of questions answered?

Odesa Pride 2015 Festival opened and immediately attacked

Movement at last on Odesa 2 May investigation

Finding the real culprits of the events in Odesa on May 2, 2014

Russia Today, or why Odesa May 2 is different from Baltimore

Odesa May 2 Investigation: A Failed Test for Ukrainian Justice

Odesa minorities cry foul as new ‘people’s council’ report their persecution

More Evidence against Incendiary Lies about Odesa 2 May

Bombs and War turn Odessa away from ‘Russian World’

Fake Odessa ‘mass riots’ staged for Russian TV

Long sentence for murderous ’anti-paedophile’ thuggery in Odessa

Death confirmed of Ukrainian military journalist at Debaltseve

Continuing Obstruction of Odessa May 2 Investigation

Propaganda that Kills

Odessa May 2 trial turns into farce as Russia continues ‘massacre’ propaganda

Bomb blast in offices of Odessa Automaidan leader

Bombing Campaign Opens New Front In Battle For Ukraine

New terrorist attacks in Odessa, Kherson

Bad Start to Crucial Odessa May 2 Trials

Russia’s New Odessa File

Manufacturing international outrage over an Odessa Massacre that never was

Crimean Field Mission activists detained on Russian border

Odesa "Massacre" Propaganda vs. the Facts

Dangerous silence over police role in Odessa May 2 events

Without Double Standards

Police who beat up Ani Lorak protesters fired

Odessa journalist beaten, his flat set alight for anti-Putin stand

What Russian TV won’t show about the events in Odessa

CVU: Pro-Russian activists sold information about pro-Ukrainian activists in Odessa

UHHRU condemns police role in Odessa tragedy

Odessa EuroMaidan blocks attempt to sabotage law on cleaning up judiciary

Odessa: Ode to Joy Flash Mob v. confused pro-Russian demonstrators

Mykolaiv bans peaceful assembly altogether

Odessa EuroMaidan: Heavy-handed measures by police and their questionable back-up

Crime rate among Roma lower than the national average

Police block streets for removal of anti-Regions Party candidate leaflets

Russian language declared „regional” in Kharkv

Two men facing extradition over “Putin assassination plot”

Odessa City Council declares Russian a „regional language”

Prosecutor checking attack by police officer on Odessa journalist

Dangerous attack on Committee of Voters journalist

Odessa small business owners trying to see Prime Minister stopped by traffic police

Roma in Odessa region suffer from lack of documents and police lawlessness

How Ukraine’s police cope with under-funding

Odessa journalists speak of encroachments on freedom of speech in the region

Odessa journalist first ignored, then threatened if he doesn’t turn up tomorrow

Odessa opposition TV channel alleges raid by enforcement officers

Picket planned for Yanukovych’s visit banned in Odessa

Police assault on Odessa journalist

In Memoriam: Vasyl Barladyanu

International Observers point to obvious rigging of the elections in Odessa

CVU: Elections in Odessa outdid the chaos of 2004

Controversial allegations over extra ballot papers in Odessa -

Scandal over cancellation of Izmail Mayoral elections

IMI: Infringements of freedom of speech 19-26 July 2010

Authorities in Odessa cite a Soviet decree to ban a meeting in defence of peaceful assembly

Police officers who abducted three Ukrainians still not punished

Trans-Dniester captivity over

5 Police Officers suspected of torture

Criminal investigation against police involved in Trans-Dniester scandal

EBRD funding for controversial transmission line through Usatove may be suspended

Odessa region villagers to take three countries to court

OleksandrHalinsky appointed Head of the Penal Department

Odessa journalist receives suspended sentence for inciting racial enmity

Odessa police to answer for beating out a confession

Court adjourns hearing into anti-Semitism charges against journalist

Victims of the communist repressions remembered in Odessa

Forum of civic organizations for the disabled in Odessa

Police confirm criminal investigation over attack on picketers

Criminal investigation over assault on picketers

In Defence of National Dignity

Court passes sentence over desecration of graves at a Jewish cemetery

The SBU break up a porn studio using children in Odessa

Another common grave found in Odessa where during the Terror one in ten was repressed

Some cheering figures on the AIDS front in Ukraine

Street kids in Odessa plan to publish their own newspaper

Monitoring human rights in the Odessa region

President Yushchenko: On Remembrance Day for the Victims of Holodomor

Monitoring human rights in the Odessa region

The Law on the elections … and torture?

Penal settlements and the elections

Odessa: corruption and the 2006 elections

Odessa opposition does not believe in promises of the power to liquidate drawbacks

«Pray. You will die, your son will die, your wife will die…»

Yulia Timoshenko’s bloc against torture

Round table “Corruption in mass media” (Odessa)

Criminal case of Raylesku-Vidinski (Odessa)


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