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Inspectors controlling consumption of energy walked from one house to another and recommended… to take part in the referendum. Everything goes as in the recent presidential election, but there are new tricks too. For the first time the important part of the voting plan was voting before the proper day. Tram and trolleybus drivers appeared among the most active agitators. After a stop or two they announced by the intercom: ‘Citizens, we invite you to vote at the referendum held by the people’s initiative and support the questions put out to the referendum’. Then they gave detailed information where and how one can vote before the time.

In hospitals no new methods have been introduced. In the city hospital No. 1 they again ordered all doctors to vote at the place of their work, not residence. The voting among the patients was held as follows: a bulletin was read aloud to all the ward, and then the chairman of this improvised meeting said: ‘Well, we know that you support all these questions, so we shall fill in the bulletins for you’. Local chiefs competed for being the best yes-men.

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