A Crimean Tatar newspaper under the threat of closure


On 31 March Eldar Seitbekirov, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper ‘Golos Kryma’ (‘The voice of the Crimea’), was summoned to the prosecutor’s office for interrogation. The cause of this summon to the Central district prosecutor’s office of Simferopol was the complaint of Oleg Rodivilov, an MP of the Crimean Parliament, who regarded some materials published in this newspaper as inflaming the national enmity to the Russian people. Among other materials the complaint concerns the article of a writer Erik Kudusov. This article titled ‘Bolshevik cruelty and its roots’ was published in ‘Golos Kryma’ on 10 March.

The deputy did not specify what part of the article may be qualified as inflaming the national enmity to the Russian people. Eldar Seitbekirov thinks that the pretext of the complaint could be the following quotation: ‘The hypothesis of the doctor of history V. Vozgrin about the source of the cruelty of Russian people (sea of blood and absolute insensitivity in deciding peoples’ destiny) flows out from the people’s mentality. I also intend to put out a hypothesis a out what causes brutal cruelty in people’s interrelations. In contrast to doctor Vozgrin, I do not believe that cruelty is typical only to the Russian people’.

Eldar Seitbekirov does not exclude that the pressure on the side of pro-Russian political forces of the peninsular upon his newspaper will become stronger. The reason of this will be the attitude of ‘Golos Kryma’ to the Chechen war.

The newspaper ‘Golos Kryma’ is a supplement to the newspaper ‘Golos Ukrainy’ published by the Supreme Rada of Ukraine. This supplement is intended for Crimean Tatars and is published in Russian in Simferopol. As to Oleg Rodivilov, he is a deputy of the Supreme Rada of the Crimea and he heads the youth branch of the Russian community of the Crimea.

The Committee of monitoring the free press at the Crimean Center of independent politologists and journalists

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