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Political persecutions in a prestigious university


On 26 January 2001 two students of Rivne technical; university, Karpeliov Igor and Kaliukh Vitaliy, who participated in the action ’Ukraine without Kuchma’, which was held three days ago on Teatralnaya Square in Rivno, were called ’for a talk’ to the university rector Kravets S.V. Beside rector in his office were present the following officials: deputy rector Lutaev, head of the military training department of the university Isidorov P. P. and the militia officer in charge of the university Andriychuk. ’You may count yourselves former students’, that was the beginning of rector’s speech, ’You may pass my worlds to other students, who participated in the action. Rector accused Karpeliov and Kaliukh in breaking discipline, because, being at the demonstration on 23 January they could not be present at the lectures. Rector, reacting to Karpeliov’s attempts to protect himself, added: ’

If rector summoned all the students, who played hooky on this day, he, perhaps would have to use the assembly hall of the university. When the boys tried to learn what was their guilt, deputy rector Lutaev said: ’That is we, who are asking questions here’. Rector, reacting to Karpeliov’s attempts to protect himself, added: ’Sit still, I know you, you are all mobsters’. After this educating talk the students were ordered to write explanatory notes about their participation in the action ’Ukraine without Kuchma’.

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