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12.12.2001 | Our informant

Who kidnapped the demonstrators?


On 29 January the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast UNSO organization spread a declaration, in which they blamed the town militia in kidnapping of the participants of the action ’Ukraine without Kuchma’. In the appeal UNSO communicates that at night of 24 January several militiamen in balaclava helmets beat ten participants of the action ’Ukraine without Kuchma’, who circulated on the central square of the town Sniatino of the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast; then the beaten demonstrators were taken somewhere in militia cars. Up to now the lot of the detained is unknown. The militia directorate of the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast refuses to give to the UNSO any information about the place, where the kidnapped have been put. Moreover, the militia head asserts that his subordinates never took part in this operation.

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