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12.12.2001 | Roman Romanov, Sevastopol

Ukraine minus Kuchma plus rats


’Protest actions cause epidemics, multiplication of rodents and decrease in immunity of the human population’. This was the conclusion of the specialists of the Dnepropetrovsk city directorate of health protection. Deputies of the city council, caring about the health of the local population and about cleanness of the city, prohibit people to hold meetings in especially dangerous places. One of such places is the downtown of Dnepropetrovsk. The directorate of health protection answered the requests from two district courts, which are preparing the arguments for the court session planned on 26 January and devoted to protest actions. The doctors persuade the judges that the actions are badly planned. First, the nasty weather may lead to the decrease of the participants’ immunity. Secondly, on the central street of the city, where it is planned to hold the meeting, there are no WCs, washrooms and rubbish bins. And if the action were not cancelled, that would, as medics think, lead to dissemination of influenza and multiplication of rats. The first attempt to hold a picket the initiative group made on 14 January. The group’s representatives declare that recent recommendations of the health protection directorate testify of the lack of political arguments. Disregarding the medical forecasts, 20 oppositional parties, cherish the hope to hold the demonstration. But it is unlikely. On the square, where the demonstration was planned to be held, heavy machinery was driven. Now the initiative group’s difficulties have doubled: they must look for WCs and for the new place near them.

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