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Chronicle the Lugansk oblast


About 20 thousand people were gathered by the local authorities for the participation in the meeting in defense of Kuchma held in Lugansk on 10 January. All enterprises, organizations and education establishments received telephone messages with the demand ’to participate and support’. A head of every organization had to be followed by 250 participants, whose presence was checked by call-up.

Most people were sure that they went to the meeting in support of reforms, or raise of their wages and against pay arrears. Having heard speeches about the positive results of the President’s actions and about ’the attempts of some political forces to blacken his image in the eyes of his native people’, many participants were disappointed. Nonetheless, they did not join the Rukh’s slogan ’Down with Kuchma!’

Similar meetings were held in other towns and districts of the Lugansk oblast. Yet, not all the meetings were successful. So, in the town of Stakhanov the participants turned the meeting to an anti-Kuchma one, while in Krasnodon the participants just dispersed.


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