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12.12.2001 | Oleksandr Stepanenko, Chortkiv
Chronicle Ternopil


On 10 January a meeting was held in Ternopil. Next day it was described in details in the local press. The delegation sent to the meeting from the town of Chortkiv consisted of students and teachers of the local medical and pedagogical schools. The meeting was chaired by L. Kovalchuk, rector of the medical academy, the head of the newly created ’Committee of defense of the Constitution’, who was Kuchma’s trusted representative at the last election. Political parties were represented poorly: the People-Democratic party (PDP), party ’Democratic Union’ and Ukrainian Christian-Republican party. The bulk of the audience were civilian servants (it was impossible to telephone to the local directorate of ecology and health protection during the meeting – ’all went to the front’). Not everybody, who wanted to make a speech, could do it: some were refused. There were no attempts to organize a tent camp either in Ternopil or in Chortkiv. According to not-confirmed data, one of Ternopil school principals, who did not lead his detachment to the square, is threatened with sacking.

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