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12.12.2001 | A. Gritsyshin, Ternopil

Innovators is Ternopil administration


It looks that in our country, which has been proclaimed free and democratic ten years ago, old winds have started to blow. ’Competent’ people tell us more and more frequently that lately we have too much anarchy, which seems to impede us to live and work normally. They tell us that it is necessary to introduce the order with an ’iron fist’. They express their discontent that some people ’permit themselves too much’. In the opinion of supporters of stern discipline, that it is time to put an end to the anarchy and to establish order.

It goes without saying that people must be made to observe laws and public order. The more so in a democratic society, where such norms are distinctly formulated by the customs and laws. The other aspect is in which way the observance of the laws must be achieved without abusing the rights and dignity of citizens.

In Ternopil the authorities practice some new means. The order of the local directorate of education sent down orders to bring 20 persons from each school to the notorious meeting of 10 January in defense of either the presidential power of the implementation of the referendum results. This caused a quite natural protest of teachers. They asked on which grounds the teachers must in their working time to participate in political shows, that have nothing in common with the pedagogical process.

This new initiative of the directorate of education, frankly speaking, is not quite new, since it is shared by similar-minded colleagues from other towns. However, in Ternopil a quite original idea was born too. We describe this invention following the article in the newspaper ’Ukrainska pravda’ of 6 January 2001.

The administrative idea is that soon in each school of Ternopil a person will be appointed by the administration. This person will have to provide every day the town department of education reports about some events of political importance. This information will be further passed to the oblast state administration, and then to the presidential administration and government.

To this end, Ternopil teachers are obliged of inform the authorities about ’the most prominent social-political events’. Tatiana Dovbush, a teacher from school No. 19, who did not like turning into a stool-pigeon, told about the order of the department of education of Ternopil town council ’On the system of daily informing of the department of education’.

The way of gathering and passing information is described in the order ’Procedure of gathering, processing and passing the daily information’.

The administration is mostly interested in such events as ’organizational measures of educational establishments’ (seminars, conferences, etc.), actions with the participation of MPs, ’characteristics of the public organizations activities’ (rallies, meetings, demonstrations, etc.), emergency situations and natural disasters, ’popular criminal cases’ and ’other important events’.

The text of the message to the department of education must contain the date and time of happening the event, number of participants, goal, demands, theses of speeches, possible consequences, public resonance.

The order was issued ’on the base of order of the President of Ukraine of 16 September 1998 No. 492/98-?i ’On improving activities of local organs of the executive power in realizing internal policy’, the President’s decree of 12 July 2000 No. 887/2000 ’On improving information-analytical provision of the President of Ukraine and state power organs’ and the order of the oblast state administration ’On the system of daily informing of the President’s administration and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine’’.

This unexpected information was distributed by the UNIAN agency. This happened in Ternopil, but few doubt that it concerns the entire Ukraine.

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