Yulia Timoshenko’s bloc demands equal access to mass media for all candidates


The appeal of the bloc to the Central Voters Commission contains the request to take measures at once to guarantee the equal opportunities of the access to mass media for all political parties and election blocs. The bloc states that the TV channels "1+1", "YT-1", "Inter", "ICTV" daily broadcast positive information and demonstrate pre-election agitation clips of such parties and blocs: "For united Ukraine", Social-Democratic party (united), the Green Party of Ukraine, "Women for future", "Democratic union", "Yabloko". The Timoshenko’s bloc, as the document reads, sent the appeals to the National TV committee, to the administration of the TV channels "1+1", "Inter", "ICTV", "Novy kanal" and "STB" about placing its pre-election agitation. Yet, these appeals were in vain. "Such a position of the TV channel administrations deprives us of our constitutional rights, brutally violates election laws and confirms that the President Administration prohibited to place any positive information about our bloc on the all-Ukrainian TV channels", the appeal asserts. The documents also remarks that "the passivity of the Central Voters Commission concerning the brutal violations of election laws makes us turn to the Supreme Court of Ukraine and the corresponding international institutions". The bloc representatives intend to try to place their agitation in regional mass media, including radio channels.

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