Odessa law-enforcers against Yulia Timoshenko’s bloc


On 24 February militiamen from the Kyivskiy district precinct of Odessa tried to impede holding of an agitation meeting of Yulia Timoshenko’s bloc. The militiamen attempted to detain and take to the precinct Volodymir Gumeniuk, an activist of the bloc.

They failed only because of the interference of MP Viktor Shishkin.

In the opinion of Fedor Nariychuk, the deputy head of the election headquarters of Yulia Timoshenko’s bloc, "the election campaign in Odessa is conducted in the conditions awful for opposition".

Political parties and blocs supporting the President and local authorities have much more opportunities in Odessa.

Unfortunately not a single TV channel agrees to accept agitation materials of Yulia Timoshenko’s bloc, explaining the refusal with the prospect to be closed or deprived of license.

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