Americans noticed in Ukraine violations of election laws


The American Center of strategic and international studies has remarked numerous violations of election laws in Ukraine. This is said in the report of the working group that has studied the situation in Ukraine at the eve of the parliamentary election.

As Deutsche Welle informs, the materials of the working group confirmed the serious anxiety of the West. The report reads that a long time before the election campaign started, state officials in many regions tried to influence the results of the future election.

Among violations they observed: free distribution of various goods and victuals, agitation for some political parties, pressure on independent mass media, coercive enlisting to some political parties, distribution of the materials discrediting competitors, etc.

The American Center of strategic and international studies has recommended to the governments of the USA, Canada and Europe to appeal to conduct transparent election at every meeting with Ukrainian representatives.

1 February 2002

Deutsche Welle

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