Not a single mass medium obeyed the moratorium on political advertisement


Yuri Nesteriak, the president of the Association "Spilny prostir" ("Common space"), commented the results of monitoring mass media activities in January 2002. The monitoring was intended to determine to what degree citizens have the access to the political processes and obtain the information sufficient for make a conscious choice. Yu. Nesteriak pointed out that that by January most mass media have already made their choice and demonstrated it in a more or less open manner. Mr. Nesteriak said that the broader spectrum of political parties and blocs figured in the newspaper "Ukraina Moloda". Nonetheless, even this newspaper was not dispassionate: it preferred some political parties and blocs too. According to Oleksandr Chekmyshev, the head of the Committee "Rivnist vozmozhnostey" ("Equality of opportunities"), during the moratorium for political advertisement those subjects of the election process won, who worked in the state power structures, since they were not prohibited to inform about their activities in this period.

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