Dnepropetrovsk authorities prohibited to place in the city any political advertisement except that of the bloc "For united Ukraine!"


The Dnepropetrovsk oblast organization of the party "Yabluko"

distributed the appeal with the information about the conference held on 19 February in the Dnepropetrovsk city executive committee. "Yabluko" informed that the conference gathered the representatives of the firms that specialize in placing outdoor advertisement. As the appeal reads, Evhen Zaets, the deputy head of the city executive committee, told the businessmen: "Up to 31 March there must be no political advertisement in the city streets, except the advertisement of the bloc "Za edynu Ukrainu!" ("For united Ukraine!"). The Dnepropetrovsk oblast has already determined its political choice – this is the bloc "For united Ukraine!", which includes many of our outstanding compatriots".

According to the quotas set by the city executive committee, the firm owning 70 big-boards must give 10 of them for the advertisement of the bloc "For united Ukraine!" gratis. As "Yabluko" asserts, E. Zaets, hinting at what will happen else, said: "For the long time we work with you side by side. I hope that you want to continue to work after 31 March too".

The oblast organization of the "Yabluko" party protested against the pressure upon the businessmen and the violation of the democratic norms. The party intends to turn to all instances. "We will not allow to turn the Dnepropetrovsk land into the a reservation of political terror and arbitrary actions of bureaucrats", states the appeal.

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