"Nikopolskie Izvestiya" won in court the right to be printed during the election


We want to remind our readers that the printing house, whose founder is the Dnepropetrovsk oblast council, refused to print the newspaper "Nikopolskie Izvestiya" from 1 January to 1 May 2002. The printing house explained its refusal by the need to conduct the thorough repairs. On 25 December judge Natalya Troyan approved the decision: to suspend the order of the manager of the printing shop about the refusal to print the newspaper.

Konstantin Liashchenko, the manager of the enterprise "Kanal-5" – the media holding, which publishes "Nikopolskie Izvestiya", informed the Institute of Mass Information that the interests of the publishing house were represented in court by the Dnepropetrovsk Association of advocates. The advocates came to the court session from the distance of 120 kilometers in the car owned by the oblast council (car number 3024 ДНА). "This is a very eloquent fact", said Mr. Liashchenko.

The newspaper "Nikopolskie Izvestiya" has the largest run in the town – about 12 thousand copies. It, as well as another branch of the media holding – the TV channel "Kanal-5", often published interviews with the opposition political figures. "Kanal-5" now has legal proceeding with the National Council in charge of TV and radio broadcasting about obtaining the license for broadcasting.

The Institute of Mass Information

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