A Supreme Rada committee decided to clamp down on a TV showman


Igor Ostash, the head of the Supreme Rada Committee in charge of foreign affairs, promised to send a letter to the profile committee of the Russian Duma concerning the statements of Mykhail Leontyev, a Russian journalist and a showman of the "ORT" TV feature "Odnako" ("Yet"), who refused to obey the decision of the Shevchenkivski district court of Kyiv on the protection of honor and dignity of Katerina Chumachenko, the wife of former Ukrainian Prime-Minister Viktor Yushchenko. I. Ostash intends to request the head of the Duma committee to take measures to stop insinuations, which seriously harm Russian-Ukrainian relations". As I. Ostash believes, M Leontyev refused to fulfil the court decision "in an extremely brutal form using cynical and offensive expressions". I. Ostash is sure that, in fact, it was an extreme demonstration of Ukrainian phobia. Leontyev, in particular, said that "such a state as Ukraine does not and cannot exist" and that "Ukraine needs to be protected by a stronger and more cultured state". Mr. Ostash believes that such statements of a journalist, who works on "ORT" channel, which actually is a mouthpiece of the Russian power, must be "sternly punished both by the Ukrainian and Russian politicians". He also pointed out that the insinuations of Leontyev were a queer "introduction" to the Year of Ukraine declared by Russia (2002). He believes that it is "an affair of honor of Russian politicians" to do their best for the fulfillment of the court decision, according to the Convention on legal aid in civil, family and criminal affairs within the CIS signed in 1993, and for the proper political assessment of the Russian journalist’s words. Ostash also hopes that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will issue the proper note in this connection.

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