A lady-journalist may become blind


The protest of "Reporters without frontiers"

In their letter to Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma "Reporters without frontiers" expressed their indignation about the attack at Tetiana Goriacheva, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Berdiansk Dilovoy", which happened on 28 January.

"It is inadmissible, when journalists, who refuse to serve the interests of some VIPs and fulfil their modest task merely to inform the public, become victims of revolting acts of violence", stated Rober Menard.

According to the information of "Reporters without frontiers" Tetiana Goriacheva was attacked when she was returning from her job. A stranger splashed acid into her face. The journalist’s face, eyes, cornea and conjunctiva were burned, and she may get blind unless she will have urgent surgical aid. The criminal case is opened.

Sergiy Belousov, the chief editor of "Berdiansk Dilovoy", believes that the attack is due to the professional activities of Ms. Goriacheva and has a goal to neutralize the newspaper at the eve of the local and parliamentary elections. The victim informed "Reporters without frontiers" that she did not see her attacker and that she had not been threatened before.

She recollected that a conflict had happened between the newspaper and sea port manager Anatoliy Reznikov.

Several days before it the latter asked "Berdiansk Dilovoy" to print the material compromising Dmitriy Bero, a candidate for the mayor’s post, and got the refusal. The article was published in another newspaper, and "Berdiansk Dilovoy" printed an note by the candidate. Anatoliy Reznikov reacted in a very acute form and warned Bero that he would pay for it. In five days D. Bero and S. Belousov became victims of a road accident and got body injuries.

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