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Court practices
31 January 2002 , LIGA ONLINE

One third of court decisions in Ukraine are not executed


"One third of court decisions in Ukraine are not executed, but there are no so-called "political" ones among them", said MP Vasyl Onopenko, the head of the Ukrainian social-democratic party. According to MR. Onopenko, this happens in spite of the rather serious rights of the state executive service, for whose work the Ministry of Justice is responsible. He is sure that Ukraine will need the international experience in this problem. "The main thing is to determine distinctly and to make public the reasons that resulted in such a situation. In my opinion, the reason is, first of all, the absence of strict control or even penal sanctions. Because the majority of the unexecuted decisions are alimonies, social assistance or salaries unpaid. The paradox is that the so-called political decisions (that is the decisions on the ordered political cases) are executed at once and without detainment", declared V. Onopenko, who is also a member of the Superior Council of Justice of Ukraine.

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