12.12.2001 | The information is given by Oleksandr Stepanenko

Mass unemployment in Ternopil


According to the state on 1 January 2001 the registered at the Ternopil oblast employment center number of the unemployed equals 42,620. The total number of jobless is about 85 thousand. It is difficult to determine the level of so-called ‘hidden’ unemployment, since a great number of workers are formally counted as working, but they have not been working already for several years and producing nothing. Such people have to find other occupation in Ukraine or abroad. They do it even without leaving their fictitious jobs, so they are not registered as jobless.

The most proportion of jobless is from the Buchatskiy, Chortkivskiy, Ternopil districts and the town of Ternopil. The unemployment level in the oblast is 7% (to compare, in the average indicator in Ukraine is 4.2%). The situation at the labor market in the Ternopil oblast is rather complicated: 87 jobless pretend to one vacant job. In Buchatskiy district this number equals to 331, in Kozivskiy – 160, the average number in Ukraine being 17.

Only during December 2000 the number of jobless increased by 1100, although the rate of the unemployment increase has somewhat fallen during several last years (in 1998 the increment of the unemployed equaled 12 thousand per year, in 1999 – 6.4 thousand, 2000 – 3.3 thousand).

People without work started to turn to the employment centers more often: in 2000 the number of such people in the oblast was 45 thousand, which is 16% more than in the previous year. 16 246 people were given jobs, 3.5 thousand got first or second profession.

The first place among the jobless is steadily occupied by manual workers. Thus, in 1990 only 6% of jobless were blue collars, in 1995 the proportion increased to 45%, in 2000 – to 55.5%. The sad privilege of being unemployed belongs to women – 60%. The youth up to 25 makes the large proportion of jobless – 33.7%.

The incomes of employment centers are lately growing: they grew by 43% during one year. Owing to that fact if was possible to pay the debt of the doles.

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