12.12.2001 | Viktor Belodid, Yuzhnoukrainsk

The dynamics of the economic state


The unemployment in Yuzhnoukrainsk is growing. By the state on 1 August the total number of jobless equaled 2659 people. The number of women was 1588 (60%), 1096 of jobless were younger than 28 year-old. Every month 30-40 vacancies appear for men. The hidden unemployment had the following structure: 1700 are counted on the unpaid leaves, which makes 11% out of those working at enterprises; 2800 (17%) work part of the work day or the work week. 35 persons were reduced during the first half-year, further reduction of 244 persons is planned. In January -- May 2000 the total list of workers made 16570 persons, not counting the enterprises of the small business. The average monthly pay for this period was Hr 408 (Hr 560 in industry, Hr 219 in building, Hr 217 in transport and communications, Hr 153 in education, Hr 194 in medicine and Hr 222 in trade). By 10 June 16063 workers have not got their pay. The total pay arrears equal Hr 38587 thousand. In the constructive business and related spheres the pay arrears are growing. The total sum of unpaid wages exceeds the five-month fund of wages by 18.7%. In June 1414 families got subsidies for communal services and electric energy, the total sum being Hr 44.6 thousand. The average sum per family equaled Hr 33.5.

During the last 9 months the total number of workers (not counting the enterprises of the small business) decreased has by 3.7% compared to the similar period of the last year and has reached 16 439. The average monthly nominal pay increased by 16.7% and made Hr 414.9. The total pay arrears compared to the similar previous period have grown by 23.4% and made Hr 44513.9 thousand. During the indicated period 1669 people turned to the employment center, which is 15.7% more than during the corresponding period of the last year. The level of the registered unemployment has reached 5%. 33 jobless pretend to one vacancy. 355 persons took part in public works, half of them were jobless. The state fund for encouraging employment sent Hr 384 thousand to aid the jobless.

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