The sociological poll held by journalists from the news agency ‘Pulse’ in Kharkov streets on 24 January 2001


The citizens were asked the one question:

Have you ever witnessed illegal actions on the side of law-enforcers?


36% of the pollees never witnessed illegal actions on the side of law-enforcers.

19% more never witnessed such actions, but heard much about them from their friends and acquaintances.

43% of the pollees assert that they eye-witnessed such cases.

Among them:

22% were refused to discuss details because they were afraid of the consequences;

34% told that the road militia misuse their power most often;

17% were mere by-standers;

9% complaint at the biased attitude of courts.

Other 18% said that they recollected such cases vaguely, but do not remember the details. The remaining 2%, having heard the question hurried away.

The ‘Pulse’ journalists put questions to more than 200 persons.

Gennadiy Sysoev

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