12.12.2001 | V. Lisiak, Lviv

The office of students’ brotherhood vandalized and robbed


At night from 31 March to 1 April the office of the Students’ Brotherhood of Lviv Polytechnic Institute situated at 12 Glubokiy St. was vandalized and robbed. The victims reported that the culprits stole office equipment (computers, scanner, printer and modem) on the total sum near Hr 5,000.

This is the second case within half a year. This time the place was vandalized very insolently, and one cannot help thinking that the primary aim was not to rob, but to paralyze the activities of the organization. The culprit penetrated to the office through a window. They managed to cut and break out the window bars, and it happened on the street, where militia has a regular beat. The place bore the traces of a meticulous search: the drawers were emptied and the safe carried marks of the attempts (unsuccessful) to open it. When we found in the early morning what had happened, we turned to militia. The militiamen, who came did all they had to do: inspected the room, made lists, took testimony and fingerprints. However, it should be mentioned that they did the same the previous time, in autumn, when four doors were broken and a telephone (!) was stolen, and until now no one is found.

We suspect that what had happened is not a mere burglary, but a well-planned action to frighten us and to impede our work. This is not a mere material damage, this is a serious blow on the further work of our organization. We shall hardly be able to fulfil our nearest plans. What must we expect next time?

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